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E046 – Ori Inbar, Founder of AWE and Super Ventures about the rise of Augmented Reality, Spatial Computing and his „Finally“-reaction at Apples Vision Pro announcement

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„Learning about the history of XR is very important.“ Ori Inbar answers, as I ask where his journey as XR Professional started. As listeners know, I always love to look back into the development of an industry. Especially when the industry is complicated, expensive and needs so much endurance to fulfill its promises as the XR industry does.
Ori continues with an insight which explains why the history lesson is important: „The folks jumping into this industry in the last few years can learn a lot from what happened there. And based on that knowledge and understanding they can prepare better for the future and accelerate the development of this whole industry.“
Ori is not just spouting a hollow phrase here. Before he made his hands dirty in the very beginnings of the XR industry, Ori learned about what the research community had already done in the past decades in Augmented Reality and went to events like Ismar, the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality. When Apple started the age of mobile computing with launching the iPhone, Ori co-founded Ogmento with industry veterans. First access to the camera API was not possible and AR only worked on jail-breaked devices. Ogmento and many more pleed Apple to open up the API which later was done.
That was the start of a whole new AR app industry, which Ori brought together on the first edition of Augmented World Expo, AWE in 2012.
Learn more about the enlightening history of the XR industry in this episode and what Ori has to say about the Metaverse-hype and what the announcement of Apples Vision Pro means for the future of the industry!