Spatial Realities Podcast

Alles über das Metaverse, XR und die spatiale Zukunft des Internets.
How <strong>spatial</strong> will the web be?

How spatial will the web be?

Metaverse, Spatial Computing and XR: There are a lot of buzz words and narratives out there. But what do they mean and what is already real? This weekly podcast gathers the news, discusses the hypes and brings you close to the doers and thinkers of the spatial future of the internet.

This podcast is available in German and English language.


Here you can keep up to date with all the latest developments on the topics of Metaverse, Spatial Computing and XR: The most important news every fortnight in the podcast and the full load of...


Together with experts, I explore all facets of the Metaverse: Hardware and Headsets, Ecosystem and Regulation, Startups, E-Learning, Health and Fitness, New Work and Product Development, Game Design, Architecture, Society and much more! All episodes


A thousand questions unanswered? Understandable! That’s why there are several ways to exchange information. Find our community on Discord or connect at our Meetups in Cologne, Germany.

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Kostenlos über die aktuellen Entwicklungen des Metaverse informiert sein: Podcast- und Event-Updates in den elektrischen Briefkasten des Internets!

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Zeiss: Deepdive deutsche Wellenleiter, Luckey mag das Apple Headset, XR auf der Google IO

Wie blickt der Kapitalmarkt auf das Metaverse?

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