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Dezember 9 - Dezember 11

„Stereopsia is more than an event; it’s a catalyst for redefining human experiences through eXtended Reality (XR). As Europe’s foremost XR event, Stereopsia ignites creativity and innovation in an energetic, collaborative setting. With its roots in the 3D revolution of yesteryears (the event started in 2009!), Stereopsia remains at the forefront of technological evolution, steadfast in its commitment to pioneering research and innovation. At its core, Stereopsia fosters collaboration and cross-pollination among diverse audiences, driving XR adoption across Europe and beyond. Located strategically in Brussels, at the heart of European innovation, Stereopsia offers a panoramic view of the XR landscape, shaping the future of immersive technologies continent-wide.“



Dezember 9
Dezember 11

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