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E051 – Interview – Monica Arés, former Head of Immersive Learning at Meta, Executive Director at IDEA Lab of the Imperial College London


In this episode I am incredibly happy that I was able to talk to Monica Ares. Monica is a global leader for Immersive Learning, XR and AI. Her immersive journey started as Director of the Dr. William Russell Blake Planetarium in Plymouth, teaching over 5.000 students annually. To bring the benefits of Immersive Learning to more people, she went to Amazon and finally to Meta, where she was responsible to develop VR content with 3rd party developers to create high-quality VR educational experiences for the Oculus App Store among other things. She was knee-deep in the restructuring of Facebook to Meta and the Metaverse hype-times. Monica takes us along her journey until she leaves Meta, explaining what the state of XR means for Immersive Learning, and what it ment for the cause of Immersive Learning when Meta announced the year of efficiency.

„Mark Zuckerberg is a human who cares deeply about education, he always has. […] But often times product roadmaps need to follow what they’re good at. […]. Education is such a good use-case, it’s a hugely scalable market. But it’s only scalable once you can support it.“ says Monica.

Monica just recently moved to London and took over the role of Executive Director of IDEA Lab at the Imperial College.

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