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E044 – Alliance for OpenUSD announced, Metaverse Standards Forum celebrates 1st anniversary, Meta Connect 23 announced and Patrick Grady from Metaverse EU about the Communication for Virtual Worlds and Web 4.0

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In early July 2023 the European Commission published a Communication on virtual worlds and Web 4.0. And as publications by the EU are usually long, complicated and have a history of its own, it was good that Patrick Grady published a short summary on his blog Metaverse EU to explain how the Communication can be understood. In it the EU outlines a strategy about how to take leadership in the development of virtual worlds and what we would have called Metaverse in 2022. But the Communication uses the expression Web 4.0, which caused some irritation, expressed by industry professionals. And to talk about the Communication in detail you will hear the recording of my interview with Patrick later in this episode.


– Meta Connect 2023 officially announced: September 27 + 28.
– About the he fourth structured dialogue on immersive technologies by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport
– The Metaverse Standards Forum celebrates its first anniversary
– Apple, Adobe, Pixar, Autodesk and Nvidia announced a new Alliance for OpenUSD