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XR Hack
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XR Hack

August 18 - August 20

The XRHack is the premier global XR Hack Jam, hosted across various international locations.
This three-day event invites companies to discover and explore potential XR applications alongside seasoned XR developers and designers.

For the first time ever, we’re organizing a multi-location hackathon, uniting experts to advance the frontiers of XR and AI technology.

Join industry professionals and pioneers to uncover and leverage the untapped potential of XR like never before!

Navigating the rapidly evolving XR/AI tech stacks can be daunting. With new products, SDKs, and LLMs emerging constantly, the learning curve stays steep. But don’t worry—our live workshops will quickly get you up to speed on the latest developements, ensuring you’re hack-ready in no time.

It’s more than just connecting with other hackers from all around the world—it’s about complementing skillsets. That’s why we accept both teams as well as individual hackers. Get excited about unlocking synergies that drive the creation of groundbreaking XR & AI Apps.

Participants will team up with enterprise product leads to understand specific use cases deeply, then sprint hand-in-hand with subject matter expert mentorship and support. The results of our hackathon will showcase the transformative potential of the latest XR and AI technologies.

600+ Hackers, 100+ XR Projects, 100.000+ Pricepool



August 18
August 20


XR Bootcamp


Startplatz Cologne
Mediapark 5
Köln, 50747 Deutschland
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